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Sourced from the coast of Madagascar, the flowers for Vitruvi’s Ylang Ylang essential oil are picked in the morning and are distilled immediately to ensure the highest quality essential oil. The viscosity of Vitruvi’s Ylang Ylang essential oil is slightly thicker than most because of the high purity of the oils extracted from our distillation mechanism. High grade Ylang Ylang aroma is made for people who love flowers, this powdery yet exotic floral scent is known traditionally to help promote a happy mood, a calm piece of mind, and a reinvigorated energy and zest to take on the day.

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How To Use

For boosting energy and mood: 2 drops with a carrier oil or water on wrists and neck
For a natural home freshener that smells tropical: 2 drops ylang ylang in a diffuser
To release tension: 2 drops ylang ylang and 2 drops frankincense.
For an aphrodisiac massage rub: mix 2 drops ylang ylang with jojoba oil


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Product Description

Ingredients: All vitruvi essential oils are 10mL / .33 fl oz and contain only 100% pure essential oil.

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