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Meet Mo: Our Shop/Good Holistic Esthetician!

September 29th, 2017 / Meet Them

We’re thrilled to introduce Mo, our very first hire and our Shop/Good Holistic Esthetician!

Mo has been a holistic esthetician for 5 years.  Having studied holistic health extensively and while on her own health journey, she came to realize beauty and wellness go hand in hand. You’ll see Mo on our sales floor and inside our treatment room giving our organic Botnia facials!

We asked Mo a few of our burning questions and we are so excited for you to get to know her!  Here’s our rapid fire Q and Mo’s A!

GL: Favorite natural skincare product.
Mo: Definitely Botnia’s hydrating serum. It’s the highest quality hyaluronic acid serum I’ve ever encountered. It’s so concentrated and not diluted like so many others on the market. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling so silky and supple. Every skin type can benefit from HA, even if you’re oily!
GL: Favorite quick morning ritual.
Mo: I love to look over my list of affirmations that I’ve compiled and read them aloud to myself. Affirmations are different for every individual.  One affirmation I like to remind myself is that I am beautiful and I am enough just the way that I am. Sounds simple, but we are constantly being told in todays society by media that we are not enough. I like to combat this reminding myself that I am.
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GL: You’re feeing stressed and you’ve only got 10 minutes.
Mo: I set down my phone, make sure both my feet are (literally) flat on the ground and set both my hands atop my knees.  If I’m feeling anxious, I’ll put both hands over most chest.  I then remind myself to be here in this moment. I pay attention to all of my senses: What am I hearing? What am I smelling? I’ll then take deep breaths (sometimes easier said than done, I know) breathing in for 5 seconds, holding for 5 seconds, and exhaling for 5 seconds. I’ll do this 5 times through- but you can choose any number that resonates with you, don’t think that it has to be five! A bonus: if I have some lavender oil on me (which i normally do inside my purse) put some lavender oil behind my ears.  When you’re stressed this can really help to become fully present.
GL: Best rule about honoring your skin.
Mo: Your lifestyle affects your skin. Lifestyle choices WILL show up on your skin whether it’s the day after eating crazy amounts of sugar, or five years after constant unprotected sun exposure. Your skin will reveal secrets about your lifestyle. This is why its so important to get healthy amounts of exercise, have a clean diet, drink lots of water, and wear sunscreen! 😉
GL: Morning beverage of choice.
Mo: Tea. Ever heard of a crazy cat lady? Well, I’m a crazy plant lady! (LOL). Every morning I like to drink a tea that I intuitively blend my self with loose leaf herbs. Normally, you’ll know what your body needs… even if you think you don’t know, you subconsciously do!  I’ll choose the herbs that seem to jump out at me. The ones that are saying Hey! Look at me!  Right now, Dong-quai is my current herbal obsession. It’s great for women of all ages in balancing cycles and curbing sugar cravings.
GL: Favorite way to get inspired.
Mo: My favorite way to get inspired is honestly just connecting with others. I’ll spend time with my friends who inspire me and ignite a passion within me.
GL: Favorite San Diego spot to relax.
Mo: Thats a tough one. Im a scorpio, and being a scorpio my element is water.  That is where I feel most at home and at ease. So, anything I can do to either be in the ocean or at the beach is most ideal. My go-to spot is the end of the Ocean Beach pier. I’ll sit and meditate or bring a good book to get lost in.
GL: Favorite San Diego spot to eat.
Mo: Love love loooove Cafe gratitude! If you haven’t heard of it already, its a vegan restaurant in Little Italy and most of their menu is gluten free. Every dish I’ve had from there has been so decadently balanced in all the flavors they incorporate into their dishes. It’s a common assumption that vegans only eat lettuce, which is not true at all! Cafe gratitude reminds us all that vegan food is not only cruelty free, but also oh-so-yummy-in-my-tummy!
GL: Favorite San Diego spot to treat yourself.
In Harmony Herbs and Spices. Of course I’ll pick up some herbs, but i’ll also treat myself to some crystals, a good book, an essential oil, a tincture, some sage or palo santo, or a cute handmade piece of jewelry.
GL: Favorite way to indulge.
Mo: Dark chocolate dipped coconut milk ice cream bars… Need I say more?
GL: The thing that excites you the most about Shop/Good:
Mo: There are so many aspects of Shop Good that I am excited about, I could go on and on! If I had to choose one thing, it’s bringing all natural, organic, apothecary style facials to all of you in San Diego! Our facials are 100% custom mixed for YOU and only you. I’m here to help you in your journey to achieving your skincare goals and also help you in maintaining a healthy skincare, beauty, and wellness regimen.
GL: What should we look forward to in your Shop/Good facials?
Mo: Not only are our facials completely customized to you, but we’ll also offer supplemental holistic facial services exclusive to Shop Good. Think… reiki and crystal healing during your facial. More info on this will be released in the upcoming weeks 😉
GL: Quick! What’s your favorite quick and easy wellness tip — ya know, little input GREAT results.

Mo: My favorite quick wellness tip is to drink water. Sounds like the most simple thing, but keep in mind we should be drinking half our body weight in fluid ounces. For example, if you weigh 130lbs, you want to make sure you’re drinking at minimum 65 fluid ounces of water. And even more if you are drinking any caffeine or alcohol since caffeine and alcohol dehydrate you. This is one of the most simple ways to be good to your self, your body will thank you for it later 🙂

We cannot wait for you to meet Mo inside our San Diego clean beauty + wellness boutique, Shop/Good and on Instagram on the reg!

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